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Thank you for visiting the Tour page!  Please read show descriptions for information on the music we will be presenting and the setting we'll be performing in, as we want to help you choose a good fit for your tastes. Because we perform a variety of shows in a variety of settings over the course of a year, it's a good idea to take a look to make sure you are attending the kind of show you'd like to hear!  Please note that Don's "Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music" show presentations  will be noted specifically in the title. Hope to see you on the road this year! Thank you for your support of LIVE music!  If you have specific questions, please feel free to email or contact the venues directly.

Schedule Details


TRIO with Tom Dyrhberg - Private Event


Trio at Private Conference Event



BAND - Private Party Event

 —  —




BAND - Sandwich Fair

Sandwich Fairgrounds, Center Sandwich, NH


Show time coming soon - afternoon show this year!



BAND - Harvestfest

 —  —

York Ballfield Park, York, ME


We love this event! The Band and different versions of it will perform throughout the afternoon! Stop by and enjoy a fantastic of our performance highlights of the year. For more info on all the great happenings that day, see



TRIO - Private Event



Trio at Private Conference Event



An Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music

Tupelo Music Hall, Londonderry, NH


An intimate night of Dan Fogelberg music, presented with all of the true Detail that Dan crafted into his music. Learn behind the scenes details, derived from hours of research and listen Don Campbell and his ensemble of musical craftsmen. Hear stories of creating the beautiful Double CD "Kites To Fly" which pays a heartfelt homage to Dan and his music.

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In Michigan? Join us for "An Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music"

Seven Steps Up, 116 S Jackson Street, Spring Lake, MI 49456


This is a magical venue with fantastic food and drink! A great place to listen to Dan Fogelberg music and enjoy dinner at the same time! (helpful info... This Venue is 2 Hours and 40 Minutes West of the Ann Arbor Venue the next evening.)

Gary Hanks 231-557-7687

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In Michigan? "An Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music"

First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor Green Wood 1001 Green Rd Ann Arbor, MI 48105, 1001 Green Road,, Ann Arbor, MI 48105


"An Evening of Dan Fogelberg Music" World Class Desserts, Coffee and Dan Fogelberg Music... is there anything more enjoyable??? (Helpful info... This Venue is 2 Hours and 40 Minutes East of the 7 Steps Up Venue in Spring Lake, MI the night before.)

(734) 665-8558

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